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China QianHang(Referred to below as QHI) internationall forwarding as a worldwide logistics provider, supports industry and trading in the global exchange of goods through air and ocean freight. from China to the world. Our core services ensure the flow of goods continues seamlessly and supply chains stay lean and optimized for success of our customers. QHI international forwarding is an NVOCC licensed,we are making fully integrated with global sources, and provide high quality value added service to all customers.

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Since its establishment in 2010,our performance scale has developed steadily. At present, we have Shenzhen head office,Shanghai Branch,HongKong Branch,Qingdao operating center, Ningbo operating center,Xiamen operating center,GuangZhou operating center. QHI has more than 600 partners overseas,and its efficient service network has spread all over the world. In the competitive global shipping market,We MRF always adhere to the mature, responsible and efficient business philosophy to meet the needs of customers with high-quality services.

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